Applying Fuzzy Logic for the Digital Economy and Society

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Andreas Meier is a professor of computer science at the faculty of economics and social sciences of the University of Fribourg/Switzerland. His research areas include eBusiness, eGovernment, and Information Management. After music studies in Vienna, he graduated in mathematics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. He holds a PhD and a habilitation degree at the Institute for Computer Science of the ETH. He worked for the IBM Research Lab in California, was a systems engineer at IBM Switzerland, a director at Swiss Bank Cooperation and an executive member of the CSS insurance company.Edy Portmann is the Swiss Post Professor of Computer Science at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Focusing on user experiences, with the support of network industries as Swiss Post, the goal of Edys professorship is to advance cognitive computing research by adhering to soft computing methods, and to practically apply them in different fields. A focus point, thus, is the enhancement of smart to cognitive cities through improved interaction and learning between citizens and city systems; another one the integration of computing with words and perceptions with cognitive systems to enhance answer-finding and decision-making. Further focus points are knowledge aggregation, automation, representation and reasoning with fuzzy cognitive maps and ontologies as well as big data analytics and management (e.g. using fuzzy methods and systems).
Presents big data applications for decision making under uncertainty, vagueness and imprecision
Testing Hypotheses by Fuzzy Methods: A Comparison with the Classical Approach.- Interpolative Boolean Approach for Fuzzy Portfolio Selection.- A Fuzzy-Based Discounts Recommender System for Public Tax Payment.- Fuzzy Based Investment Portfolio Management.- Z-numbers Based TOPSIS Similarity Methodology for Company Performance Assessment in Malaysia.- Modeling Human Perceptions in e-Commerce Applications. A case Study on Business-to-Consumers Websites in the Textile and Fashion Sector.- Grey Number Based Methodology for Non-Homogeneous Preference Elicitation in Fuzzy Risk Analysis Management.- Fuzzy Bayesian Nets and Influence Diagrams with Cognitive Numerical Judgment of Imprecise Probabilities.- Oilfield Abandonment Decision by Applying a Fuzzy Pay-Off Method for Real Options.- A Fuzzy-Based Recommender System - Case Börsenspiel for Swiss Universities.
This edited book presents the state-of-the-art of applying fuzzy logic to managerial decision-making processes in areas such as fuzzy-based portfolio management, recommender systems, performance assessment and risk analysis, among others. Presenting the latest research, with a strong focus on applications and case studies, it is a valuable resource for researchers, practitioners, project leaders and managers wanting to apply or improve their fuzzy-based skills.

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