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Autor: Maria Gerolemou
ISBN-13: 9783110530469
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Recognizing Miracles in Antiquity and Beyond

Trends in Classics - Supplementary Volumes
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Maria Gerolemou, University of Cyprus.
Trends in Classics , a new series and journal to be edited by Franco Montanari and Antonios Rengakos, will publish innovative, interdisciplinary work which brings to the study of Greek and Latin texts the insights and methods of related disciplines such as narratology, intertextuality, reader-response criticism, and oral poetics. Both publications will seek to publish research across the full range of classical antiquity.
The series Trends in Classics Studies welcomes monographs, edited volumes, conference proceedings and collections of papers; it will provide an important forum for the ongoing debate about where Classics fits in modern cultural and historical studies.

The journal will be published twice a year with approx. 160 pp. per issue. Each year one issue will be devoted to a specific subject with articles edited by a guest editor.
The essays collected in this volume investigate the miraculous as a counter-intuitive concept that violates the rules of the acquired semantic knowledge-system. The most crucial question addressed is how one should approach ancient narratives that display such a concept. Specifically, it explores how and when certain events and phenomena are perceived as miracles and draws on the process of witnessing and processing an extraordinary experience.
Editiert von: Maria Gerolemou
Maria Gerolemou, University of Cyprus.

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Autor: Maria Gerolemou
ISBN-13 :: 9783110530469
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