Breast Imaging: A Correlative Atlas

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Beverly Hashimoto, Donald Bauermeister
I Approach to Mammographic Analysis II Ultrasound Technique and Cross Correlation Case Examples: Pattern Approach to Mammography III Circumscribed Masses IV Irregular Masses V Calcifications VI Increased Density VII Architectural Distortions VIII Male Breast XI Post Surgical Findings X Masses Poorly Indentified Mammographically Pattern Approach to Breast Sonography I Fluid Collections II Solid Masses III Normal Structures IV Architectural Distortion VI Calcifications VII Post-Surgical (Including Implants) VIII Male Breast IX Masses Poorly Identified Sonographically
A comprehensive visual atlas that integrates mammography and ultrasound... Breast Imaging: A Correlative Atlas
An extensive armamentarium of imaging techniques can help you accurately detect breast lesions and avoid missed diagnoses. This book greatly expands your diagnosic options by integrating both mammographic and sonographic findings, with more than 200 case examples encompassing a wide range of clinical conditions.The book highlights the importance of high-resolution sonography and its cross-correlation with mammography by providing a broad spectrum of imaging entities, from common pathologies to rare breast abnormalities. You'll also get helpful information on normal anatomy,new technology, instrumentation, and management issues.Special features of this state-of-the-art resource: Provides more than 700 illustrations that teach you how to identify breast abnormalities using mammography and sonography
Presents more than 200 case studies, all cross-referenced for easy use
Helps you quickly locate a specific topic by either the mammographic image or sonographic image
Gives you pearls and pitfalls, from the authors' vast clinical experience, to help you avoid a missed diagnosis and other problems
Demonstrates magnified calcification lesions for clear identification and diagnosis
Here is the quintessential imaging atlas that radiologists, residents, and other physicians need to accurately integrate mammographic and sonographic findings. Benefit from this unique presentation of how to best use these unique diagnostic tools to upgrade and refine your diagnostic skills in virtually any clinical situation that involves breast imaging!

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