Treating Allergies with the F. X. Mayr Cure

Mobilizing the Body's Self-Healing Powers
 Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Paperback (Perfect Binding)
Harald Stossier
274 g
216x160x8 mm

Dr. med. Harald Stossier ist erfolgreicher Mayr-Arzt und ärztlicher Leiter des Gesundheitszentrums VIVA, Österreichs modernstes Zentrum für Moderne Mayr Medizin.
Introduction Characteristics and fundamental principles of an allergy Stress reaction according to Selye The basic substance as reaction site of the allergy Characteristics of an allergy Inflammation as a sign of allergy Forms of allergy Pseudo allergies Cross allergy Histamine intolerance Carbohydrate intolerance Fructose intolerance Lactose intolerance The role of the digestive system in allergic illnesses The efficiency of the digestive system Constitutional factors Fluctuations relating to time of day The intestinal autointoxication as a decisive bio-chemical basis of allergic reactions Dysbiosis -- candidiasis parasitosis Fungal diseases Parasites Allergy and the lymph system Manner of functioning of the lymph system Effects of the radix-oedema Diagnostics according to F. X. Mayr Diagnostics of health The role of the abdomen in the Mayr diagnostics How is an allergy/intolerance recognised? Classic allergy diagnostics Laboratory tests Provocation tests Lymphocyte transformation test Histamine-release test Diagnostics according to F. X. Mayr Applied Kinesiology The muscle test as a central source of information Which results of the muscle test are possible? Possibilities for examination with AK Therapeutic possibilities in the case of allergies Fundamental principles of modern Mayr medicine What you should know about the Mayr therapy The Mayr therapy is induced by the patient! The therapeutic principles of a Mayr therapy: Sparing cleansing training substitution Sparing Cleansing Training Substitution Orthomolecular medicine Practical implementation of the Mayr therapy in the case of allergies/intolerances Safeguarding of the individual needs The principles of F. X. Mayr Water-tea fasting Milk-bread roll diet Extended milk-bread roll diet The Mild Drainage diet Chronological sequence of a Mayr therapy In the case of allergies Supporting measures Practical tips for individual illness symptoms Pollinosis neurodermatitis bronchial asthma How the Mayr therapy helps Heart circulatory complaints Migraine headaches Disorders of the digestive system Rheumatic complaints Menstrual disorders in women Allergies and sporting injuries What conclusions for everyday life can be drawn from the insights of the modern Mayr medicine? Good health through living with full awareness following the F. X. Mayr therapy Appendix About the author Addresses Bibliography
Written by a leading practitioner of the groundbreaking F.X. Mayr cure, which equates allergic reactions with poor digestive health and Written by a leading practitioner of the groundbreaking F.X. Mayr cure, which equates allergic reactions with poor digestive health and accumulated toxins, this new book discusses how this innovative approach can be applied to allergy treatment.

This compact book is filled with numerous clinical examples and practical tips on improving treatment outcomes, and covers everything from the fundamental principles of allergy to the role of the digestive system. The full spectrum of the Mayr program is explored, including descriptions of water-tea fasting, milk-bread roll diets, patient training and education, practical tips for individual allergy symptoms such as migraine headaches and rheumatic complaints, and more!

Here is the modern approach to treating allergic medicine using groundbreaking FX Mayr guidelines. Anyone interested in treating asthma and allergies naturally - pediatricians, general practitioners, internists, allergists, pulmonologists, and alternative medicine practitioners - will want this landmark text in their library.

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