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Autor: Ross Deuchar
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Young People and Social Control

Problems and Prospects from the Margins
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This book explores young people’s experiences of social control and the state, especially those living at the margins of society within the UK. In particular, the book focuses on disadvantaged young people’s experiences in education, in the labour market, with police and within the criminal justice system. It draws upon insights gathered by the authors in Scotland and England via in-depth interviews with, and observation of, young people in multiple settings and the barriers they come across in terms of justice, equity and inclusion. Deuchar and Bhopal present a range of creative and engaging case studies that illustrate where barriers have been broken down between young people and the agents of social control and elucidate upon how a sense of justice and inclusion has emerged. With its wide-ranging, multi-perspective approach, this study will be essential reading for scholars and students of sociology, criminology and youth studies, as well as holding appeal for policy-makers and practitioners.
PART I: Problems from the Margins: Young People, Social Control and Injustice.- Chapter 1. Introduction: Young People, Marginality and Social Control.- Chapter 2. Schools, Discipline, Racism and Disaffection.- Chapter 3. Employment, Discrimination and Stigmatising Discourses.- Chapter 4. Young People, Police Officers and the Barriers to Enacting Procedural Justice.- Chapter 5. The Judiciary, System Processing and Youth (In-)Justice.- PART II: Prospects from the Margins: Border-Crossing, Assets Generation and Emancipatory Practice.- Chapter 6. Assets-Based, Border-Crossing Approaches to Facilitate Youth Engagement.- Chapter 7. Emancipatory Approaches to Judicial and Penal Practices.- Chapter 8. Conclusion: The Future for Young People and Social Control.

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Autor: Ross Deuchar
ISBN-13 :: 9783319529080
ISBN: 3319529080
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
Seiten: 183
Sprache: Englisch
Auflage 1st ed. 2017
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