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Autor: Zhichang Xu
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Researching Chinese English: the State of the Art

22, Multilingual Education
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This volume offers a timely collection of original research papers on the various features and issues surrounding Chinese English, one of the varieties in World Englishes with a large and increasing number of learners and users. The five sections entitled ‘Researching Chinese English Pronunciation’, ‘Researching Chinese English Lexis, Grammar and Pragmatics’, ‘Researching Perceptions, Attitudes and Reactions towards Chinese English’, ‘Researching Cultural Conceptualizations and Identities in Chinese English’, and ‘Chinese Scholarship on Chinese English’, bring together three generations of Chinese and overseas researchers, both established and emerging, who offer lively dialogues on the current research, development and future of Chinese English. The introductory chapter by the editors on the state-of-the-art of researching Chinese English, and a concluding chapter by a leading researcher in World Englishes on the future directions for researching Chinese English make this an essential title for those who wish to gain insights on Chinese English.
Preface by Kingsley Bolton.- What we know about Chinese English: status, issues and trends By Zhichang XU, David DETERDING, and Deyuan HE.- Part I: Researching Chinese English Pronunciation.- The Pronunciation of English in Guangxi: Which features cause misunderstandings? By David DETERDING.- The Hong Kong English Syllable Structure By Lian-Hee WEE.- Part II: Researching Chinese English Lexis, Grammar and Pragmatics.- Lexis-grammar interface in Chinese English: A corpus study of a prototypical ditransitive verb GIVE By Haiyang AI and Xiaoye YOU.- Researching Collocational Features: Towards China English as a Distinctive New Variety By LIANG Jianli and David C. S. LI.- A Corpus-based Study of Syntactic Patterns of Nominalizations across Chinese and British Media English By Ying LIU, Ying Alex Chengyu FANG, and Naixing WEI.- A Study on Modified-Modifying Sequence in the Compositions by Chinese Advanced Users of English By Wendong JIANG.- Pragmatics in Chinese Graduate Students’ English Gratitude Emails By Wei REN.- Part III: Researching Perceptions, Attitudes and Reactions towards Chinese English.- Perceptions of Chinese English and Pedagogical Implications for Teaching English in China By Deyuan HE.- An Investigation of Attitudes towards English Accents -- A Case Study of a University in China By Fang FAN.- Chinese and Non-Chinese English Teachers’ Reactions to Chinese English in Academic Writing By Joel HENG HARTSE.- The Prospect of Teaching English as an International Language in a Chinese Context: Student-Teachers’ Reactions By Roby MARLINA.- The Nativization of English in China By Angel Qing MA and Zhichang XU.- Part IV: Researching cultural conceptualizations and identities in Chinese English.- Cultural Conceptualizations in Chinese English and Implications for ELT in China By Zhichang XU and Farzad SHARIFIAN.- Through English as a Window: Defining ‘Being Chinese’ in the 21st century By Tsz Yan Emily FONG.- Part V: Chinese scholarship on Chinese English.-  Researching Chinese English: a Meta-analysis of Chinese Scholarship on Chinese English Research By Zhichang XU.- New Directions for Researching Chinese English  By Andy KIRKPATRICK

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Autor: Zhichang Xu
ISBN-13 :: 9783319531106
ISBN: 3319531107
Verlag: Springer International Publishing
Seiten: 279
Sprache: Englisch
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