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Autor: Payal Kumar
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Exploring Dynamic Mentoring Models in India

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This edited collection explores the variations of mentoring in India in comparison to western models, providing rich contextual interpretation and paving the way for a greater understanding of mentoring as a phenomenon. With India having the world’s largest youth population, its longstanding mentoring tradition is increasingly being replaced by emerging mentoring models in which younger generations are constantly exposed to both Indian and western influences. Paying particular attention to formal and informal mentoring models, the contributions cover the corporate sector, higher education, the developmental sector and venture capitalist-enabled entrepreneurial mentoring. Offering a uniquely non-western perspective, this innovative study also showcases both mentor and protégé perceptions of mentoring, and will be of great appeal to both practitioners and scholars of leadership.
Part I. Mentoring the Next Generation.- 1. Life Skills Development of Marginalized Youth through the Peer Mentoring Model; Archna Kumar and Mridula Seth.- 2. How Mentorship is Perceived by Corporate Mentors and Student Protégés; Shaji Kurian and Sanjay Padode.- 3. Mentoring in a Start-Up Company with Millenial Recruits; Priya Kumar and Sachin Kumar.- Part II. Exploring Formal and Informal Mentoring Models.- 4. Workplace Climate as a Facilitator of Informal Mentoring Relationships: A Protégé Perspective; Annu Mathew.- 5. Venture Capitalist Enabled Entrepreneurial Mentoring: An Exploratory Study; Anirudh Agrawal.- 6. What Makes an Effective Mentor: A Cross Cultural (BRIC) Comparison; Lorianne D. Mitchell.- Part III.- 7. Empowering Through Trade, Not Aid; Nalina Srinivasan.- 8. Enhancing Self-Awareness: A Case Study on a Collaborative Mentoring Approach; Sujeev Shakya and Anne Randerson.- 9. The Art of Mentoring: Ancient Wisdom and Modern Pitfalls; Rajiv Gupta.- 10. Social Stigma Stifles Growth: The Challenge of an Executive Coach; Ajay Goyal.

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Autor: Payal Kumar
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