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Autor: João Simões
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Sustainable Goat Production in Adverse Environments: Volume II

Local Goat Breeds
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João Simões
Describes several indigenous goat breeds from around the globe
Foreword Preface "Think global, act local" Introductory Chapter: Goats in Arid and Mountain Areas Juan Capote
Section I Asia

Chapter 2 Adaptation Strategies to Sustain Osmanabadi Goat Production in a Changing Climate Scenario

Veerasamy Sejian, Govindan Krishnan, Madiajagan Bagath, Shalini Vaswani, Mallenahally K. Vidya, Joy Aleena, Vijai P. Maurya and Raghavendra Bhatta

Chapter 3 Barbari Goats: Current Status

Pramila Umaraw, Akhilesh K. Verma and Pavan Kumar

Chapter 4 Chinese Indigenous Goat Breeds

Yao-jing Yue, Bo-hui Yang, Yong-jun Li, Wei zhang, Yong Wang, Jian-min Wang and Qiong-huaHong

Chapter 5 Rearing and Breeding Damani Goats in Pakistan

Masroor E. Babar and Tanveer Hussain

Section II Africa

Chapter 6 Adaptation of Local Meat Goat Breeds to South African Ecosystems

Carina Visser
Chapter 7 West African Goat Breeds

Diakaridia Traore

Chapter 8 Nigerian West African Dwarf Goats

Saidu O. Oseni, Abdulmojeed Yakubu and Adenike R. Aworetan

Section III Europe and America
Chapter 9 Turkish Hair goat, the main pillar of goat population in Turkey

Özkan Elmaz and Mustafa Saatci

Chapter 10 Honamli, Newly Registered Special Goat Breed of Turkey

Mustafa Saatci and Özkan Elmaz

Chapter 11 The Garganica and Girgentana Goat Breeds Reared in Different Regions of Italy

Davide De Marzo, Anna C. Jambrenghi and Francesco Nicastro

Chapter 12 The Jonica and Maltese Goat Breeds Reared in Different Regions of Italy

Davide De Marzo and Francesco Nicastro

Chapter 13 The Sarda Goat, a Resource for the Extensive Exploitation in the Mediterranean Environment

Michele Pazzola, Maria Luisa Dettori and Giuseppe Massimo Vacca

Chapter 14 The Girgentana Goat Breed: A Zootechnical Overview on Genetics, Nutrition and Dairy Production Aspects

Salvatore Mastrangelo and Adriana Bonanno

Chapter 15 Murciano-Granadina Goat: A Spanish Local Breed Ready for the Challenges of the 21st Century

Juan Vicente Delgado, Vincenzo Landi, Cecilio José Barba, Javier Fernández, Mayra Mercedes Gómez, María Esperanza Camacho, María Amparo Martínez, Francisco Javier Navas and José Manuel León

Chapter 16 The Canary Islands' Goat Breeds (Majorera, Tinerfeña and Palmera): An Example of Adaptation to Harsh Conditions

Noemí Castro, Anastasio Argüello and Juan Capote

Chapter 17 Reproductive and milk production profiles in Serrana Goats

João Simões and Amy Bauer

Chapter 18 Situation of Goat Farming in the Czech Republic

Zuzana Sztankoova and Jana Rychtárová

Chapter 19 Current Situation and Outlook of Several Local Goat Breeds in the Semi-Arid Regions of Brazil

Maria N. Ribeiro, Francisco F. Ramos de Carvalho, Roberto G. Costa, Edgard C. Pimenta Filho, Janaina K. G. Arandas and Henrique S. Sérvio

This book covers more than 40 indigenous goat breeds and several ecotypes around the globe and describes genotypic and phenotype traits related to species adaptation to harsh environments and climate change. It also addresses sustainable global farming of local goat breeds in different production systems and agro-ecosystems. Discussing three main global regions: Asia, Africa, and Europe, it particularly focuses on adverse environments such as mountain, semiarid and arid regions.
The topic of this highly readable book includes the disciplines of animal physiology, breeding, sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and veterinary science, and as such it provides valuable information for academics, practitioners, and general readers with an interest in those fields.
Editiert von: João Simões, Carlos Gutiérrez
João Simões

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Autor: João Simões
ISBN-13 :: 9783319712932
ISBN: 3319712934
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