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Autor: Murad Jurdak
ISBN-13: 9783319726090
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Sociopolitical Dimensions of Mathematics Education

From the Margin to Mainstream
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Presents current research on how social and political conditions shape the learning of mathematics
1. Mainstreaming of the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education,

Renuka Vithal and Murad Jurdak

Part I Theoretical Perspectives on the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education

2. Integrating the Sociocultural and the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education

Murad Jurdak

3. Towards an Ethics of Mathematical Application

Felix Lensing & Hauke Straehler-Pohl

4. How to be a Political Social Change Mathematics Education Activist

Peter Appelbaum

Part II Researchers in the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education

5. Recognising and Identifying the Participant and Researcher in Mathematics Education Research: A Sociopolitical Act

Lisa Darragh

6. Truth, Power and Capitalist Accumulation in Mathematics Education

Alexandre Pais

PART III Practices in the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education

7. Teaching Financial Mathematics Through a Critical Approach in a University Environment

Celso Ribeiro Campos, Aurélio Hess, Renata Moura Sena

8. Mathematics Education for Social Justice: A Case Study

Gustavo Bruno, Natalia Ruiz-López, César Sáenz de Castro

9. Outcome of the Market: The Outdated Mathematics Teacher

Alex Montecino

Part IV Policy and the Sociopolitical in Mathematics Education

10. Mathematics Curricula: Issues of Access and Quality

Tamsin Meaney

11. Policy Production through the Media: The Case of More Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

Troels Lange and Tamsin Meaney

12. "Now There's Everything to Stop You": Teacher Autonomy Then and Now

Gill Adams and Hilary Povey
This book documents and expands on the diverse social and political dimensions of mathematics education issues, concerns, perspectives, contexts, and approaches presented in Topic Study Group 34 of the 13 th International Congress on Mathematical Education (ICME-13). The book also argues for and promotes the mainstreaming of the sociopolitical dimensions of mathematics education through an ongoing critique and inquiry into content, policies, practices and theories.
Accordingly, the main theme throughout the book is captured and illuminated by bringing voices from the margin to the mainstream. In this respect it is both aspirational and a reality, as evidenced by the increasing references to the sociopolitical dimensions in other areas of mathematics education-for example, in several of the plenary presentations at the ICME-13. The authors have reflected on their ideas with a view to orienting and enhancing research in the sociopolitical dimensions of mathematics education that is grounded in current education systems within their specific sociocultural contexts.

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