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Computational Science and Its Applications - ICCSA 2006 / 5

3984, Lecture Notes in Computer Science
International Conference, Glasgow, UK, May 8-11, 2006, Proceedings, Part V
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Part V of the five-volume refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2006
'Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing (PDC 2006).- Resource Demand Prediction-Based Grid Resource Transaction Network Model in Grid Computing Environment.- A CGM Algorithm Solving the Longest Increasing Subsequence Problem.- Computer Assisted Source-Code Parallelisation.- A Template Language for Agent Construction.- Efficient Parallel Processing for K-Nearest-Neighbor Search in Spatial Databases.- An Adaptive Mobile System Using Mobile Grid Computing in Wireless Network.- Comparison of Allocation Algorithms for Mesh Structured Networks with Using Multistage Simulation.- The Election Problem in Asynchronous Distributed Systems with Bounded Faulty Processes.- Improving the Genetic Algorithms Performance in Simple Assembly Line Balancing.- Reformulation and Solution Approaches for an Integrated Scheduling Model.- Safety of a Client-Based Version Vector Consistency Protocol of Session Guarantees.- A New I/O Architecture for Improving the Performance in Large Scale Clusters.- Performance Modeling of a Fully Adaptive and Fault-Tolerant Wormhole Switching Strategy in 2-D Mesh.- Parallelization of Simulations for Various Magnetic System Models on Small-Sized Cluster Computers with MPI.- A New Reflective and Reliable Context-Oriented Event Service Architecture for Pervasive Computing.- X-Torus: A Variation of Torus Topology with Lower Diameter and Larger Bisection Width.- Feedback Vertex Sets in Rotator Graphs.- Efficient Longest Common Subsequence Computation Using Bulk-Synchronous Parallelism.- Simulation of Internet Transport Protocols for High Bandwidth-Delay Networks.- Performance Evaluation of Parallel Systems Employing Roll-Forward Checkpoint Schemes.- A Purely Distributed Approach for Coupling Scientific and Engineering Applications.- A Monitoring and Visualization Tool and Its Application for a Network Enabled Server Platform.- Parallel Hash Join Algorithms for Dynamic Load Balancing in a Shared Disks Cluster.- Workshop on Security Issues on Grid/Distributed Computing Systems (SIGDCS 2006).- Towards Reliable and Trustworthy Cooperation in Grid: A Pre-evaluating Set Based Trust Model.- A Spreading MIMO-OFDM Transmission Scheme for Wireless Mobile Environment.- A Security Auditing Approach Based on Mobile Agent in Grid Environments.- XML-Signcryption Based LBS Security Protocol Acceleration Methods in Mobile Distributed Computing.- Optimization of a Simulation for 300mm FAB Semiconductor Manufacturing.- Performance Analysis Using the Two Kinds of Receiving Gain of Smart Antenna in IS20001X System.- An Improved Popescu's Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol.- SVM Based False Alarm Minimization Scheme on Intrusion Prevention System.- Lightweight Wireless Intrusion Detection Systems Against DDoS Attack.- One-Time Password Authentication Scheme Using Smart Cards Providing User Anonymity.- Loss Reduction in Distribution Networks Using Cyclic Best First Search.- Short-Term Power Demand Forecasting Using Information Technology Based Data Mining Method.- A Design of the Flexible Mobile Agents Based on Web.- A Sales Agent Using Case-Based Reasoning and Rule-Based Reasoning for E-Commerce System.- A New Ciphering Method Associated with Evolutionary Algorithm.- Power Distribution Automation System Using Information Technology Based Web Active Database.- Workshop on Image Processing and Computer Vision (IPCV 2006).- Alternative Target Density Functions for Radar Imaging.- A Novel Image Restoration Algorithm Based on High-Dimensional Space Geometry.- A Fast Image Retrieval System Based on Color-Space and Color-Texture Features.- Generation of Dynamic Heart Model Based on 4D Echocardiographic Images.- Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Dominant Color Pairs Between Adjacent Regions.- Real-Time Vision Tracking Algorithm.- Efficient Method to Perform Isomorphism Testing of Labeled Graphs.- Camera Motion Parameter Estimation Technique Usin
The five-volume set LNCS 3980-3984 constitutes the refereed proceedings of the International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2006. The volumes present a total of 664 papers organized according to the five major conference themes: computational methods, algorithms and applications high performance technical computing and networks advanced and emerging applications geometric modelling, graphics and visualization information systems and information technologies. This is Part V.

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Autor: Osvaldo Gervasi
ISBN-13 :: 9783540340799
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