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Logic for Programming and Automated Reasoning

1955, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence
7th International Conference, LPAR 2000 Reunion Island, France, November 6-10, 2000 Proceedings
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Nonmononic reasoning.- On the Complexity of Theory Curbing.- Descriptive complexity.- Graph Operations and Monadic Second-Order Logic: A Survey.- Efficient First Order Functional Program Interpreter with Time Bound Certifications.- Specification and automatic proof-assistants.- Encoding Temporal Logics in Executable Z: A Case Study for the ZETA System.- Behavioural Constructor Implementation for Regular Algebras.- An Extensible Proof Text Editor.- A Tactic Language for the System Coq.- Theorem proving.- Proof Simplification for Model Generation and Its Applications.- Have SPASS with OCC1N = g .- Verification.- Compiling and Verifying Security Protocols.- Equational Binary Decision Diagrams.- A PVS Proof Obligation Generator for Lustre Programs.- Logic programming and CLP.- Efficient Structural Information Analysis for Real CLP Languages.- Playing Logic Programs with the Alpha-Beta Algorithm.- Logic Programming Approaches for Representing and Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems: A Comparison.- Nonclassical logics and lambda calculus.- Quantified Propositional Gödel Logics.- Proof-Search in Implicative Linear Logic as a Matching Problem.- A New Model Construction for the Polymorphic Lambda Calculus.- Church's Lambda Delta Calculus.- Logic and databases.- Querying Inconsistent Databases.- How to Decide Query Containment under Constraints Using a Description Logic.- Program analysis.- Static Reduction Analysis for Imperative Object Oriented Languages.- An Abstract Interpretation Approach to Termination of Logic Programs.- Using an Abstract Representation to Specialize Functional Logic Programs.- Binding-Time Analysis by Constraint Solving.- Mu-calculus.- Efficient Evaluation Methods for Guarded Logics and Datalog LITE.- On the Alternation-Free Horn ?-Calculus.- Planning and reasoning about actions.- The Boundary between Decidable and Undecidable Fragments of the Fluent Calculus.- Solving Planning Problems by Partial Deduction.- A Kripkean Semantics for Dynamic Logic Programming.
This volumecontains the papers presentedatthe SeventhInternationalC- ference on Logicfor Programmingand Automated Reasoning (LPAR 2000)held onReunionIsland,France,6 10November2000,followedbythe ReunionWo- shop on Implementation of Logic. Sixty-?ve papers were submitted to LPAR 2000 of which twenty-six papers were accepted. Submissions by the program committee members were not - lowed. There was a special category of experimental papers intended to describe implementations of systems, to report experiments with implemented systems, orto compareimplementedsystems.Eachof thesubmissionswasreviewedbyat least three program committee members and an electronic program committee meeting was held via the Internet. In addition to the refereed papers, this volume contains full papers by two of the four invited speakers, Georg Gottlob and Micha el Rusinowitch, along with an extended abstract of Bruno Courcelle s invited lecture and an abstract of Erich Gr adel s invited lecture. WewouldliketothankthemanypeoplewhohavemadeLPAR2000possible. We are grateful to the following groups and individuals: the program and or- nizing committees; the additional referees; the local arrangements chair Teodor Knapik; PascalManoury, who was in chargeof accommodation; Konstantin - rovin,whomaintainedthe programcommittee Webpage;andBillMcCune,who implemented the program committee management software.

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