Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine;
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Ethical Issues in Modern Medicine;

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Represents the key issues and problems in the field of medical ethics through readings and case studies available. This book has 5 parts that are prefaced with introductions, to raise important questions, and to skillfully contextualize the positions and main points of the articles.
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The Contributers

Introduction: Moral Reasoning in the Medical Context

Bioethics: Nature and Scope

Sources of Bioethical Problems and Concerns

Challenges to Ethical Theory

Moral Theories and Perspectives

Religious Ethics

"Rights-Based" Approaches

Communitarian Ethics

Virtue Ethics

Nonmoral Considerations

Modes of Moral Reasoning

PART ONE: Foundations of the Health Professional-Patient Relationship

Section 1: Autonomy, Paternalism, and Medical Models

The Hippocratic Oath

Alan Goldman, "The Refutation of Medical Paternalism"

*Bernice S. Elger and Jean-Claude Chevrolet, "Beneficience Today, or Autonomy (Maybe) Tomorrow"

Ezekiel J. Emanuel and Linda L. Emanuel, "Four Models of the Physician-Patient Relationship"

*Benjamin Freedman, "Offering Truth"

Section 2: Informed Consent

Arato v. Avedon

John D. Arras, "Antihypertensives and the Risk of Temporary Impotence: A Case Study in Informed Consent"

Jay Katz, "Informed Consent - Must it Remain a Fairy Tale?"

Howard Brody, "Transparency: Informed Consent in Primary Care"

Section 3: Conflicting Professional Roles and Responsibilities

*Francoise Baylis, "Error in Medicine: Nurturing Truthfulness"

Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California

Len Fleck and Marcia Angell, "Please Don't Tell"

*Lainie Friedman Ross, "Disclosing Misattributed Paternity"

The HMO Physician's Duty to Cut Costs

Norman Levinsky, "The Doctor's Master"

E. Haavi Morreim, "Fiscal Scarcity and the Inevitability of Bedside Budget Balancing"

*Steven H. Miles, "What Are We Teaching About Indigent Patients?"

Recommended Supplementary Reading

PART TWO: Allocation, Social Justice, and Health Policy

Section 1: Justice, Health Care, and Health

President's Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research, "An Ethical Framework for Securing Access to Health Care"

Norman Daniels, "Equal Opportunity and Health Care"

*Sarah Marchand, Daniel Wikler, and Bruce Landesman, "Class, Health, and Justice"

H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr., "Freedom and Moral Diversity: The Moral Failures of Health Care in the Welfare State"

Section 2: Methods and Strategies for Rationing Health Care

Alex John London, "Bone Marrow Transplants for Advanced Breast Cancer: The Story of Christine deMeurers"

David M. Eddy, "The Individual vs. Society: Resolving the Conflict"

*Paul Menzel, Marthe R. Gold, Erik Nord, Jose-Louis Pinto-Prades, Jeff Richardson, and Peter Ubel, "Toward a Broader View of Values in Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Health"

Norman Daniels and James Sabin, "Last-Chance Therapies and Managed Care: Pluralism, Fair Procedures, and Legitimacy"

Section 3: Equality and the Ends of Medicine

Alvin H. Moss and Mark Siegler, "Should Alcoholics Compete Equally for Liver Transplantation?"

Carl Cohen, Martin Benjamin, and the Ethics and Social Impact Committee of the Transplant and Health Policy Center, Ann Arbor, Michigan, "Alcoholics and Liver Transplantation"

*David B. Allen, "Growth Hormone Therapy for the Disability of Short Stature"

*Norman Daniels, "The Genome Project, Individual Differences, and Just Health Care"

Recommended Supplementary Reading

PART THREE: Defining Death, Forgoing Life-Sustaining Treatment, and Euthanasia

Section 1: The Definition of Death

President's Commission for the Study of Ethical Problems in Medicine and Biomedical and Behavioral Research, "Defining Death"

Robert M. Veatch, "The Impending Collapse of the Whole-Brain Definition of Death"

*Baruch A. Brody, "How Much of the Brain Must Be Dead?"

Section 2: Decisional Capacity and the Right to Refuse Treatment

State of Tennessee Department of Human Services v. Mary C. Northern: Transcript of Proceedings: Testimony of Mary C. Northern

Allen Buchanan and Dan W. Brock, "Deciding for Others: Competency"

Keith Burton, "A Chronicle: Dax's Case as it Happened"

Robert B. White, "Commentary"

H. Tristram Engelhardt, "Commentary"

Section 3: Advance Directives

Stuart J. Eisendrath and Albert R. Jonsen, "The Living Will: Help or Hindrance?"

George J. Annas, "The Health Care Proxy and the Living Will"

Norman L. Cantor, "Testing the Limits of Precedent Autonomy: Five Scenarios"

Section 4: Choosing for Others

In the Matter of Claire C. Conroy

John D. Arras, "The Severely Demented, Minimally Functional Patient: An Ethical Analysis"

U.S. Bishops Pro-Life Committee, "Nutrition and Hydration: Moral and Pastoral Reflections"

*Lawrence Nelson and Wesley J. Smith, "The Wendland Case"

Rebecca S. Dresser and John A. Robertson, "Quality of Life and Non-Treatment Decisions for Incompetent Patients: A Critique of the Orthodox Approach"

Nancy K. Rhoden, "The Limits of Legal Objectivity"

Section 5: Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

Timothy E. Quill, "Death and Dignity: A Case of Individualized Decision Making"

Ronald Dworkin, "Assisted Suicide: The Philosophers' Brief, Introduction"

Ronald Dworkin, Thomas Nagel, Robert Nozick, John Rawls, Thomas Scanlon, and Judith Jarvis Thomson, "The Philosophers' Brief"

Patient Request Form for Oregon's Death With Dignity Act

John D. Arras, "Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Tragic View"

*Margaret Battin, "Euthanasia: The Way We Do It, The Way They Do It" (updates for the new edition)

John Hardwig, "Is There A Duty to Die?"

*Felicia Ackerman, "'For Now Have I My Death':the 'Duty to Die' versus the Duty to Help the Ill Stay Alive"

Recommended Supplementary Reading

PART FOUR: Reprogenetics

Section 1: The Morality of Abortion

Pope John Paul II, "The Unspeakable Crime of Abortion"

Don Marquis, "Why Abortion is Immoral"

*Bonnie Steinbock, "Why Most Abortions Are Not Wrong"

Judith Jarvis Thomson, "A Defense of Abortion"

*Margaret Olivia Little, "The Morality of Abortion"

Section 2: Carrier Screening, Prenatal Testing, and Reproductive Decisions

Benjamin S. Wilfond and Norman Fost, "The Introduction of Cystic Fibrosis Carrier Screening into Clinical Practice: Policy Considerations"

*The Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs, American Medical Association, "Ethical Issues Related to Prenatal Genetic Testing"

*Adrienne Asch, "Prenatal Diagnosis and Selective Abortion: A Challenge to Practice and Policy"

*Jeffrey R. Botkin, "Ethical Issues and Practical Problems in Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis"

*Bonnie Steinbock, "Using Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis to Save a Sibling: The Story of Molly and Adam Nash"

*Allen Buchanan, Dan W. Brock, Norman Daniels, & Daniel Wikler, "Reproductive Freedom and the Prevention of Genetically Transmitted Harmful Conditions"

Section Three: Mapping the Human Genome: Implications for Genetic Testing, Genetic Counseling, and Genetic Interventions

*Francis S. Collins, Lowell Weiss, and Kathy Hudson, "Heredity and Humanity"

*Thomas H. Murray, "Genetics and the Moral Mission of Health Insurance"

*Robert Wachbroit & David Wasserman, "Patient Autonomoy and Value-Neutrality in Nondirective Genetic Counseling"

*Eric Juengst and LeRoy Walters, "Ethical Issues in Human Gene Transfer Research"

*LeRoy Walters and Julie Gage Palmer, "Germ-line Gene Therapy: Ethically Acceptable in Principle"

*David Danks, "Germ-line Gene Therapy: No Place in the Treatment of Genetic Disease"

Section 4: Assisted Reproductive Technologies

John A. Robertson, "The Presumptive Primacy of Procreative Liberty"

Vatican, Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, "Instruction on Respect for Human Life in Its Origin and on the Dignity of Procreation"

*Ruth Macklin, "What Is Wrong With Commodification?"

*Sara Ann Ketchum, "Selling Babies and Selling Bodies"

Section 5: Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research

Dan W. Brock, "Cloning Human Beings: An Assessment of the Ethical Issues Pro and Con"

*Leon Kass, "Preventing a Brave New World: Why We Should Ban Human Cloning Now"

*Mark Eibert, "Human Cloning: Myths, Medical Benefits, and Constitutional Rights"

*Thomas H. Murray, "Even if it Worked, Cloning Wouldn't Bring Her Back"

*Bonnie Steinbock, "Respect for Embryos"

*Maura A. Ryan, "Creating Embryos for Research: On Weighing Symbolic Costs"

Recommended Supplementary Reading

PART FIVE: Experimentation on Human Subjects

Section 1: Born in Scandal: The Origins of US Research Ethics

The Nuremburg Code

*Jay Katz, "The Jewish Chronic Disease Hospital Case"

*David J. Rothman and Sheila M. Rothman, "The Willowbrook Hepatitis Studies"

*Saul Krugman, "The Willowbrook Hepatitis Studies Revisited: Ethical Aspects"

Allan M. Brandt, "Racism and Research: The Case of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study"

*The National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research, "The Belmont Report"

Section 2: The Ethics of Randomized Clinical Trials

Maurie Markman, "Ethical Difficulties with Randomized Clinical Trials Involving Cancer Patients: Examples from the Field of Gynecologic Oncology"

Samuel Hellman and Deborah S. Hellman, "Of Mice but Not Men: Problems of the Randomized Clinical Trial"

Benjamin Freedman, "A
Response to a Purported Ethical Difficulty with Randomized Clinical Trials Involving Cancer Patients"

Section 3: Ethical Issues in International Research

Peter Lurie and Sidney M. Wolfe, "Unethical Trials of Interventions to Reduce Perinatal Transmission of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Developing Countries"

*Robert A. Crouch and John D. Arras, "AZT Trials and Tribulations"

*Alex John London, "The Ambiguity and the Exigency: Clarifying 'Standard of Care' Arguments in International Research"

*Leonard H. Glanz, George J. Annas, Michael A Grodin, and Wendy K. Mariner, "Reasearch in Developing Countries: Taking 'Benefit' Seriously"

Section 4: Research on Children and Other "Vulnerable" Populations

*Alex John London, "Children and 'Minimal Risk' Research: The Kennedy-Krieger Lead Paint Study"

*Thomas H. Murray, "Research on Children and the Scope of Responsible Parenthood"

*Benjamin Freedman, Abraham Fuks, and Charles Weijer, "In Loco Parentis: Minimal Risk as an Ethical Threshold for Research upon Children"

Paul S. Appelbaum, "Drug-Free Research in Schizophrenia: An Overview of the Controversy"

Jay Katz, "The UCLA Schizophrenia Relapse Study"

Recommended Supplementary Reading

Appendix: Resources in Bioethics

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