Distributed Algorithms: 6th International Workshop, WDAG ’92, Haifa, Israel, November 2-4, 1992. Proceedings (Theoretical Physics)

Hrsg. v. Segall, Adrian /Zaks, Shmuel . Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1. Ed. 15.10.1992 . X, 380 S. - 24,20 x 17,00 cm ;
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This volume presents the proceedings of the Sixth Workshop
on Distributed Algorithms (WDAG 92), held in Haifa, Israel,
November 2-4, 1992. WDAG provides a forum for researchers
and other parties interested in distributedalgorithms and
their applications. The aim is to present recent research
results, explore directions for future research, and
identify common fundamental techniques that serve as
building blocks in many distributed algorithms.
Papers in the volume describe original results in all areas
of distributed algorithms and their applications, including
distributed graph algorithms, distributed combinatorial
algorithms, design of network protocols, routing and flow
control, communication complexity, fault-tolerant
distributed algorithms, distributed data structures,
distributed database techniques, replica control protocols,
distributed optimization algorithms, mechanisms for safety
and security in distributed systems, and protocols for
real-time distributed systems.

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