Foundations of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science: Ninth Conference, Bangalore, India, December 19-21, 1989. Proceedings: Proceedings ... 1989 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Hrsg. v. Veni Madhavan, Conjeevaram E. . Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1. Aufl. 06.12.1989 . VIII, 339 S. - 24,20 x 17,00 cm;
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The papers in this volume accepted for the conference on foundations of software technology and theoretical computer science project research results in - Algorithmics: design and analysis of graph, geometric, algebraic and VLSI algorithms; data structures; average analysis; complexity theory; parallel parsing. - Concurrency: algebraic semantics, event structures. - Logic programming: algebraic properties, semantics. - Software technology: program transformations, algebraic methods. These results together with the formal techniques employed to present them reflect current trends pursued by leading research groups around the world. The papers treat their topics in depth by carefully reviewing existing results, developing and demonstrating new techniques and suggesting further directions for research.

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