Eleventh Hour Network+: Exam N10-004 Study Guide
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Eleventh Hour Network+: Exam N10-004 Study Guide

Shepherd, Matthew (EDT). . Syngress Eleventh Hour Series STG . 9.25 in. . ;
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new item worldwide shipping well packed Neuware Rechnung mit MwSt Bestellungen bis 15 Uhr werden am gleichen Werktag verschickt The 11th Hour Network Study Guide is keyed to the N10-004 revision of the CompTIA Network exam This book is streamlined to include only core certification information and is presented for ease of last-minute studying Main objectives of the exam are covered with key concepts highlighted Fast Facts quickly review fundamentals Exam Warnings highlight particularly tough sections of the exam Crunch Time sidebars point out key concepts to remember Did You Know sidebars cover sometimes forgotten details Top Five Toughest Questions and answers help you to prepare The 11th Hour Study Guide Series focuses on just the essentials needed to pass your certification exam and make the most of the last days before the test The only book keyed to the new 2009 objectives that has been crafted for last minute cramming Easy to find essential material with no fluff - this book does not talk about security in general just how it applies to the test Includes review of five toughest questions by topic - sure to improve your score

Robert J. Shimonski Naomi J. Alpern
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Covers the main objectives of CompTIA Network+ exam, highlighting key concepts. This title features Exam Warnings that highlight particularly tough sections of the exam. It includes review of five toughest questions by topic.

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