Advanced Diagnostic Methods in Pathology: Principles, Practice and Protocols;

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ungelesen sehr guter Zustand Rechnung mit MwSt unused unread very good condition Bestellungen bis 15 Uhr werden am gleichen Werktag verschickt This book provides for the practicing pathologist and the researcher the information which is necessary to make decisions regarding the incorporation of immunohistochemical cytometric and molecular biologic tests into clinical practice In the early chapters the book introduces basic biological principals that are useful in putting these methods into context such as the functions of oncogenes and tumour suppressor genes and the structures of antigens used in diagnostic pathology In the next few chapters the basic methods of immunocytochemistry in-situ hybridization Southern blotting PCR and other methods are presented together with well-validated protocols that may be used in the clinical laboratory In the third part of the book an organ-system based exposition of common diagnostic issues is presented which incorporates cytogenetic molecular biological immunohistochemical and cytometric information In addition selected protocols are provided This information is presented in a way that allows the clinician to know what types of testing are clinically appropriate given current information and for the basic researcher to understand what is known and not known about the diseases presented

Gebundene Ausgabe
F. E. Kenyon Timothy J. O’Leary
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This new text is devoted to the use of immunopathological, molecular biologic, flow cytometric and image analysis techniques in the diagnostic pathology laboratory. It is an extremely comprehensive and practical work which considers both diagnostic and prognostic applications. Divided into three sections that deal with theory, techniques, and organ system specific diagnostic problems.
PART I. PRINCIPLES 1. Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressor Genes 2. Antigens PART II. PROTOCOLS 3. Immunohistochemistry and In Situ Hybridization Techniques 4. Solution Hybridization and Blotting Techniques 5. Amplification Methods 6. Flow Cytometry for Antigen Expression PART III. PRACTICE 7. Infectious Diseases 8. Cardiovascular System 9. Lung, Mediastinum, and Pleura 10. Kidney 11. Testes, Bladder, Prostate 12. Digestive System 13. Breast and Female Reproductive Tract 14. Endocrine System 15. Hematologic and Lymphoid System 16. Bones and Soft Tissue 17. Skin 18. Cytopathology APPENDICES

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