Case Studies in Urological Cancer

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Robert N. Meddings Adrian N. Harnett
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Case Studies in Urological Cancer features over 30 detailed case studies, with comprehensive explanatory text.

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NEW REVIEW -- HARNETT / Case Studies in Urological Cancer. Greenwich Medical Media, 2003, USD54.00. [AUTHOR] Harnett, Adrian, MBBS, MRCP, FRCR; Meddings, Robert, PostGradDip, RGN; McGlynn, Brian, MBChB, BSc, FRCS, MD [BIBLIOGRAPHIC DATA] ISBN: 1-8411-0138-9, 159 pages, hard cover. [DOODY'S NOTES] [REVIEWER'S EXPERT OPINION] Martin I. Resnick, MD(University Hospitals of Cleveland) **Description** This is a compilation of cases in urological cancer ranging from the common to the rare. A case is presented and the evaluation and management applicable to the specific problem is reviewed. X-rays, lab tests, and pathology are reviewed when appropriate. Controversial issues are also discussed as they relate to the specific problem. **Purpose** The purpose, as detailed in the foreword, is to discuss the many dilemmas in the diagnosis and management of urological cancers. Though restricted by space. the authors have met their goal. This form of presentation is most instructional and the book should be of value to those seeking a "snap shot" into specific problems associated with urological malignancies. Most certainly the book meets the author's objectives. **Audience** The book is for beginners; either medical students seeking a glimpse of urological problems -- some common and some rare -- or residents in training who seek a short overview that is nicely illustrated. No references are provided and the means of evaluation and management are obviously the author's opinion. Some of the topics are controversial and the "presentation" could serve as a point of discussion in the classroom or conference. The authors are well versed in the topic of discussion. **Features** Malignancies of the bladder, prostate, kidney, penis, and testes are presented. Some are common such as localized carcinoma of the prostate and others are rare such as sarcoma of the testes. All, however, are illustrative of a clinical problem that deserves discussion. What i.