Far-Left Politics in Italy: Red Brigades

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Chapters: Red Brigades. Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 39. Not
illustrated. Free updates online. Purchase includes a free trial
membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from
more than a million books without charge. Excerpt: The Red Brigades
(Brigate Rosse in Italian, often abbreviated as the BR) were a
Marxist-Leninist militant group based in Italy and active, via a
number of political assassinations, during the "Years of Lead."
Formed in 1970, the Red Brigades sought to create a revolutionary
state through armed struggle and to extract Italy from the North
Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Their boldest move took place in
1978, when the second groups of the BR, headed by Mario Moretti,
kidnapped the former Christian Democrat Prime Minister Aldo Moro
killing five men of his entourage and subsequently murdered him 54
days later. The BR barely survived the end of the Cold War
following a split in 1984 and the arrest or flight of the majority
of its members. In the 1980s, the group was broken up by Italian
investigators, with the aid of several leaders under arrest who
assisted the authorities in capturing the other members. A majority
of those leaders took advantage of a law that gave credits for
renouncing the doctrine (pentito status) and contributing to the
capture of members on the run. The Red Brigades were founded in
August 1970 by Renato Curcio, a student at the University of
Trento, his girlfriend Margherita Cagol (Mara Cagol) and Alberto
Franceschini. While the Trento group around Curcio had its main
roots in the Sociology Department of the Catholic University, the
Reggio Emilia group (around Franceschini) included mostly members
and former members of the Communist Youth movement (FGCI,
Federazione Giovanile Comunisti Italiani). In the beginning the Red
Brigades were mainly active in Reggio Emilia, and in large
factories in Milan, (such as Sit-Siemens, Pirelli and Magneti
Marelli) and in Turin (Fiat). Membe...

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