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Therapy with Couples

A Behavioural-Systems Approach To Couple Relationship And Sexual Problems
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Since the first edition of this practical book was published in1990, a number of important developments have taken place and havebeen incorporated into the new edition. There are now many kinds of"non-traditional" relationships that accompany an increasingdivorce rate and the shrinking number of marriages. Co-habitation,remarriage, step-parent/step-child relationships and theirimplications for the extended family, their strengths and areas oftension are examined.
Accompanying these changes has been a development in therapeuticapproaches and additional outcome data is now available. Rapidprogress has been made in treatments, and their implications aredescribed. In addition the therapeutic managing of separating anddivorcing couples, domestic violence, and the aftermath of sexualand physical abuse are discussed.
1 Who are the Clients and What Pressures Lead them to SeekTherapy?.

2 Relationship Problems and the Goals of Therapy.

3 The Overall Sstrategy of Therapy.

4 The Process and Structure of Therapy: Beginnings andEndings.

5 Reciprocity Negotiation.

6 Communication Training.

7 Systems Thinking.

8 Structural Interventions in-session.

9 Systems Approach: Messages, Formulations, Tasks andTimetables.

10 Couple Therapy in Jealousy, Depression, Domestic Violence andother specific Problems.

11 Sexual Relationships: Disorders of Interest, Arousal andOrgasm.

12 Couple Therapy with Non-traditional Couples and the Processof Divorce.

13 Training of Terapists.

14 Summary, Reappraisal and Prospects.



Index of Cases.

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