Thistle Fables
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Thistle Fables

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Sandi McCreadie
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In a quiet garden filled with outrageous vegetable characters, a rutabaga wants more than anything to change his name. Frustrated and tired of being called Roota-Toota-Rutabaga, he summons the help of all the other vegetables who soon teach him a valuable lesson.
Potter the Bear is going to market with his honey in a bowl atop his head when he begins imagining all the wonderful things he can buy with the money he will make. But when the bees overhear his plans, they elect to show him in their own special way what is more important.

After a beautiful butterfly spies an equally beautiful object on the ground below her, she swoops down to investigate and discovers it is just a lowly snail. When she challenges the creature to a race, the butterfly soon realizes that beauty may not always get her what she wants.

Thistle Fables is a collection of fables that touch on common emotional challenges children face in todays worldfrom bullying to feeling acceptedwhile sharing important life lessons designed to inspire all ages.

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